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Use – Reuse – Use – Reuse, the cycle never ends! Finished compost provides rich nutrients to make your soil more fertile helping you grow healthier plants and vegetables.

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Our Compost Source

Compost Crusader is PROUD to offer Blue Ribbon Organics high quality compost at our St. Francis warehouse!

5 gallon buckets  - $5 (we will gladly take back buckets!)

25lb bags/ 1 square foot - $12/bag  

Blue Ribbon Organics opened in 2008 with a DNR licensed yard and food waste compost facility in Caledonia, WI. Their main focus is to produce 100% organic compost for gardeners and homeowners.

Need more than a couple of bags, feel free to check out their website.  They sell by the yard and deliver!

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Compostable Bags

Free delivery when we can drop off when we service your bin.

Online ordering is coming soon!  To get more information on sizes and cost, please contact OR 262-394-6075