Composting for Municipalities and Communities

Cities, Towns, and Communities across the country are implementing composting programs to improve their communities and reduce waste. Now it’s your turn.

Municipality Partners

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    City of Milwaukee

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    Village of Sturtevant

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    Village of Wauwatosa


Municipal Composting Pilot Program Overview

Working directly with local communities and committees, Compost Crusader provides municipal citywide curbside compost pickup service. 

Compost Crusader can help you structure a flexible and cost-effective compost program for your town or city today that can include curbside collection or self drop sites for yard debris and food scraps. 

Compost Crusader prides itself in creating a culture around food scraps diversion that empowers whole communities in being more sustainable.

If you would like more information about our municipal services, or would like us to help you bring compost municipal services to your city or town, please call 262-394-6075, or email

How It Works

Get Your Compostable Bags and Recepticles

Throw Your Organic Waste in Compost Bags

Put Your Full Compost Bags in the Compost Crusader Bins

Why They Work With Us

Set Out Rate – Average 75%

Resident Satisfaction Rate – 95%

Total weight Collected from 500 Milwaukee Residents in 2018 - 358,700 lbs

Pounds per Household - Cumulative - 717 lbs

Average pounds Per Pick Up - 17 lbs


Village of Sturtevant Self Drop

Information and drop location can be found by calling Rose Woodruff at 262-994-4463

Why Your Community Should Compost

Waste Reduction

Build a More Sustainable Community

Reduce Trash Collection Fees

It's the Future